Mr Anderson’s speech @ the Staff-Council dinner

“Is the future of education based on teachers to be coerced, monitored, bribed and otherwise pressured into doing the best for students or an education system based on high levels of teacher trust and respect?…

Shore has been modelled on a high trust system of education for many years. This system places emphasis on measures which enhance judgement and respects expertise. The roles of Council, leadership and staff have worked in harmony but with respect for each level of administration and organisation recognising the knowledge and experience of each other. Our educational program also encourages professional collegiality and ensures that staff is included in decision making across subject departments, in House Pastoral care groups and in the games and co-curricular activities of the School. It is also an educational model that acknowledges that teaching involves sophisticated and complex forms of knowledge. It also promotes steps to higher standards by way of research, professional learning, dialogue and collegial endeavour for staff.

I do agree with Allan Luke, Research Professor at Queensland University of Technology who has collated considerable evidence to show that measured accountability through high stakes testing does not improve student outcomes or close the equality gap. High stakes testing has other collateral effects that may deter overall educational achievement.”

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